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Dry Side Jazz Duo 2.jpg

With bassist Brian Thrall at the grand opening of the Richland, WA public library.


TV soap opera legend and jazz vocalist Jerry Douglas, after playing in his backup band for a charity performance in the Three Rivers Convention Center in Richland, WA (2009)


"Art After 5" performance at the Roger Tory Peterson Institute, Jamestown, NY.

My wife Charlotte and me with jazz guitar virtuoso John Stowell in Kennewick, WA.

Solo guitar at the AVA Wine Room, Richland, WA.

A little bossa nova at Preston Winery, Pasco, WA.


Fourteen-year-old Norm with his first guitar. I had the same physique as an A-string!


Dressed as a greaser for a high school talent show.


Promo for "Driftwood," a cover band in Dunkirk, NY (1977).

Sphinx Bros 2.jpg

Promo for the acoustic duo, "The Sphinx Brothers" in Houston (1991).

My wife won't allow me to buy any more guitars, but I can buy guitar neckties!

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